These women have without doubt captured our attention with their great taste and fashion sense! Here is a glimpse of some of the most stylish celebrities in Zambia.

Style is expressing yourself through what you wear. Style is defined as a particular way of doing or saying something, or refers to a unique form of clothing or way of arranging your appearance. An example of style is the method by which you learn. But what makes someone truly stylish? Some say knowing yourself completely, what works with your body and what gives you that ultimate confidence to take the day on full force. Well these are a few women across the board that have excelled in mastering the art of style.

1. Mampi Mukape

The Queen diva as people know her, is always winning and queening in many aspects of her life including fashion. She’s often joked about how you can buy fashion but you can’t buy style. She’s a goal getter who believes that what a woman wants a woman gets and religiously goes by the fact that anything that is driven by passion will always take you places – that starts with presenting oneself as the queen you one day hope to be.



2. Salma Dodia

Commonly known as Salma Sky, certainly catches an eye when seen, Salma Sky is the vocals in the hit song Ruby Ruby alongside Sulu, but this woman is also independent in her garments. Her method of fashion is a fun chic look with an edgy touch to it.


3. Bombshell

Zambia’s female rapper, model and actress can also be classified under one of the most fashion forward women. Not fearful of complicated patterns and fully confident in herself, she wears clothes that frames her body and embodies her fierceness.


4. Lulu Haangala Wood


*And que the head nods* No one can dispute this one, from having a fun day out with family to gracing the women’s banking initiative: Anakazi. She is an entrepreneur, brand ambassador for several organizations and also a motivational speaker who not only inspires with words but she also with her elegant apparels. Her style consists of a formal elegance with an exciting twist to it.



5. Mutale Mwanza

In her own words “Zambian Goddess on Stilettos” !Mutale Mwanza is a Tv and Radio personality, famously known for her role as the well spoken TV Host for Africa Magic’s Kumwesu Season 1 and 2, she never fails to impress with her incredible fashion sense. As a public figure she always does her best to look the part. Her adornments range from a Grecian royalty to casual chic


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