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I Can Work With XYZ But Not New Age – Jorzi

I Can Work With XYZ But Not New Age – Jorzi

I Can Work With XYZ But Not New Age – Jorzi

Fomer XYZ Entertainments/New Age Entertainments, Jorzi Open On his recent labels, The Singer elaborated on certain things of why he was so quiet on the music industry

Jorzi Reveals the Real Reason for Leaving New Age Label became of money issues, he said he wasn’t paid, also he said DJ H Mac Use To hide money from him.

Jorzi also said he was busy with school and also he was taking care of his Child of which it made him not active on music.

Jorzi narrated he can rejoin XYZ Entertainments if given a chance to reunite with his former label “I know I’m Not in XYZ But i do talk to people in XYZ and Share some music ideas with them but for New Age, No i don’t make any contacts with them ” he said

He also talked about the song that he did with Drifta Trek called Handle Me With care, the song talks more about making him strong in the music Entertainment industry Plus about kaladoshas and Ken Dumbo that they contributed to his growth and development and they encourage him to continue working hard on his craft.

Right now he has an EP coming, His music journey continues, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for Jorzi!

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