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I Never Asked For Competition, People Made The Competition – Chile One MrZambia

I Never Asked For Competition, People Made The Competition – Chile One MrZambia

I Never Asked For Competition, People Made The Competition – Chile One MrZambia


In the ever-evolving landscape of the Zambian music industry, artists often find themselves entangled in a web of competition and comparisons. One such artist who recently shared his heartfelt emotions and candid thoughts is the renowned Zambian performing artist, Chile One MrZambia. In a compelling interview on the popular Zed podcast, he expressed his sentiments about the unwarranted competition he faced, particularly with fellow artist Yo Maps. Chile One MrZambia disclosed that he never sought such competition but rather found himself thrust into it due to the perceptions of others. In addition, he opened up about his personal struggles and the perception that his accolades were achieved undeservingly. This article delves deeper into the artist’s perspective, shedding light on his journey and the challenges he faced amid the tumultuous world of the Zambian music scene.


Unintentional Rivalry:


Chile One MrZambia’s heartfelt words reverberated with authenticity as he revealed that the competition with Yo Maps was not a path he actively pursued. Instead, it was a creation of external forces and the public’s inclination to draw comparisons between the two talented artists. While appreciating Yo Maps’ artistry, Chile One MrZambia emphasized that he never intended for their careers to be viewed as a head-to-head battle. He shared his genuine desire to focus on his personal growth and artistic expression, rather than being dragged into an unnecessary rivalry.


The Weight of Recognition:


Despite his undeniable talent and numerous accolades, Chile One MrZambia admitted to grappling with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. Winning five awards should have been a moment of triumph and validation, yet the artist found himself questioning the perception surrounding his achievements. In the face of skepticism from certain quarters, Chile One MrZambia confronted the notion that his accolades were obtained through favoritism or mere luck, often referring to them as victories won out of a pit.


Navigating Personal Struggles:


Beyond the confines of the spotlight, Chile One MrZambia’s journey has been marked by personal struggles that have shaped his artistic evolution. The pressures of the industry, combined with the weight of public opinion, took a toll on his creativity and self-belief. However, the artist’s resilience and passion for his craft enabled him to find solace and determination in his darkest moments. He expressed a renewed commitment to redefine his narrative, taking control of his artistic destiny and pursuing growth without being overshadowed by unnecessary competition.


A Call for Appreciation:


Chile One MrZambia’s candid revelations serve as a reminder that artists are not mere pawns in a game of rivalry but individuals with unique aspirations and creative visions. It is essential for fans, industry insiders, and the media to recognize and appreciate the diverse artistic contributions made by Zambian performers, without reducing their achievements to the product of competition. True growth and progress can only be achieved when artists are celebrated for their individuality and granted the freedom to express themselves without the constraints of unwarranted comparisons.




Chile One MrZambia’s introspective interview on the zed podcast provided a rare glimpse into the challenges faced by Zambian performing artists in the face of unintended competition. As he candidly expressed his frustrations and aspirations, he shed light on the often-overlooked nuances of the music industry. This serves as a reminder to us all that behind the artist persona lies a human being with emotions, aspirations, and a unique artistic journey. By understanding and appreciating the individuality of artists, we can foster an environment that encourages growth, creativity, and mutual respect within the Zambian music scene.


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