Video: Slapdee Falls Off The Stage Whilst performing | Watch


Video: Slapdee Falls Off The Stage Whilst performing | Watch


the revered Zambian musician known for his remarkable achievements and numerous accolades, recently found himself in the midst of both celebration and concern. Alongside his fellow talented artist, Bobby East, he graced the stage, captivating the audience with their sensational hit single, “For A Long Time.”

The atmosphere was electric as fans eagerly awaited the performance at the highly anticipated Yo Maps VVVIP concert, held at a renowned music club. Attendees were brimming with excitement, anticipating an unforgettable night filled with the finest Zambian music. And indeed, Slapdee and Bobby East stood at the epicenter, prepared to deliver a performance that would reverberate in the hearts of their fans.

However, fate had an unexpected twist in store. In a split second, amidst the pulsating enthusiasm and palpable energy, a momentary misstep caused Slapdee, the iconic King Dizo himself, to lose his balance and abruptly tumble off the stage. Gasps of shock and concern rippled through the crowd, momentarily halting the euphoria that had engulfed the venue.


As the bewildering incident unfolded, the swift response of the security personnel came to the forefront. They immediately rushed to the fallen artist’s aid, ensuring his safety and well-being. Meanwhile, the incident was captured on camera by concert-goers, who couldn’t resist sharing the shocking footage on various social media platforms.

The sudden turn of events left fans and supporters in a state of deep concern, as the artist’s condition remains undisclosed. Speculation and worry spread like wildfire, with fervent discussions emerging online about Slapdee’s welfare and recovery.

In this moment of both triumph and unexpected adversity, the Zambian music community stands united, rallying behind Slapdee with unwavering support and hope. The incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of live performances and the vulnerability of even the most revered artists. As fans eagerly await updates on Slapdee’s condition, they remain steadfast in their dedication, ready to uplift and embrace their beloved musician once he emerges from this challenging chapter.




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