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Vinchenzo Mbale Withdrawn From The 2023 Kwacha Music Awards

Vinchenzo Mbale Withdrawn From The 2023 Kwacha Music Awards

Vinchenzo Mbale Withdrawn From The 2023 Kwacha Music Awards

Just like last year, the 2023 Kwacha Music Awards nominees are not happy with how some of the categories they were put in.

Last year Jae Cash and Jemax Stepped down from the Kwacha Music Awards and withdrawn from all the categories they were nominated.

This year Beer Advocate Vinchenzo Mbale and his Label Has taken the same step to withdrawn from this year’s Kwacha Music Awards

Vinchenzo Mbale and Galaya Entertainment wrote:

“Vinchenzo M’bale, represented by Galaya Music Entertainment, Withdraws from Kwacha Zambia Music Awards


[Lusaka, 5th August 2023] – It is with great regret and disappointment that we announce Vinchenzo’s decision to withdraw from the upcoming Kwacha Zambia Music Awards. After careful consideration and thorough evaluation of the nomination process, both VINCHENZO and Galaya Music Entertainment have jointly decided to take this step due to concerns regarding the lack of due diligence and communication from the awards committee.


Throughout Vinchenzo’s musical journey, they have consistently strived for excellence and poured their heart and soul into their craft. Their dedication to creating exceptional music has garnered them recognition and appreciation from fans and industry peers alike. It is out of respect for this commitment to excellence that we have made the difficult decision to withdraw from the Kwacha Zambia Music Awards.


As a music label, Galaya Music Entertainment has always been a strong advocate for the growth and development of the Zambian music industry. We firmly believe in the power of awards ceremonies to uplift and celebrate the talents of artists, but we also recognize the vital importance of maintaining the integrity and credibility of such events.


The lack of prior communication and due diligence from the awards committee has raised serious concerns for both Vinchenzo and Galaya Music Entertainment. It is crucial that artists are nominated and evaluated based on fair and transparent criteria to preserve the integrity of any awards ceremony and ensure that deserving artists receive the recognition they deserve.


While we regret the necessity of this decision, we stand firmly behind Vinchenzo’s choice to prioritize the value and reputation of their brand. As a music label, we have a responsibility to support our artists and protect their artistic integrity, and we will continue to do so unwaveringly.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the fans, fellow artists, and industry stakeholders who have supported Vinchenzo throughout their journey. Your continued support means the world to us and serves as a driving force behind Vinchenzo’s determination to produce exceptional music.

Galaya Music Entertainment remains committed to contributing to the growth and success of the Zambian music industry. We will continue to foster an environment that nurtures talent and ensures equitable opportunities for all our artists.


For media inquiries, please contact:


Head of PR and Communication Galaya

+260 96 2288821


Vinchenzo is a highly talented and dedicated artist known for his unique sound.His passion for music and relentless pursuit of excellence have earned them a dedicated fan base and admiration within the music industry.


About Galaya Music Entertainment:

Galaya Music Entertainment is a reputable music label dedicated to supporting and promoting talented artists across various genres. Our mission is to contribute significantly to the growth and development of the Zambian music industry while preserving the artistic integrity of our artists.”

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